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RBTC Students Learn from the Best on the Mission Fields

Article-2RBTC Students heard first hand accounts of ministry experience from Rhema graduates during Winter Bible Seminar & Rhema Worldwide Homecoming 2016 at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Speakers from across the U.S. and around the world came home February 14-19 to be refreshed in the Word and presence of God and impart their expertise to the students.

During the 8:30 and 9:30 morning sessions, directors and key team members of Rhema USA and international campuses preached. Every morning the students joined the seminar as Lynette Hagin taught the congregation on prayer before leading them in times of powerful prayer for breakthrough and their nations. Each evening Kenneth W. Hagin finished out the day with timely messages on remembering the power of God's Word and understanding the day we live in.

One theme prevailed all week: these are the last days. During this time we must stick close to the Word, the Rock on which we stand. It will keep us safe and prevent us from being deceived. Now more than ever, we must go into the highways and byways proclaiming the Gospel and bringing in the harvest.

RBTC Graduate Rescues Children Through Ministry

LanaArticle"My God can do anything"

Hear from RBTC graduate Lana Vasquez

The Lord saves us because He loves us, but He also wants us to share His light with others. Just after graduating in 2000 from Rhema Bible Training College, Lana Vasquez moved to Southeast Asia and eventually began rescuing children being sold into prostitution or slavery.

Joy*, then 9, was the first child Lana rescued. She and her four siblings had been supporting their mother by begging. As an older child, Joy wasn't bringing in as much, and her mother had agreed to sell her to human traffickers for 16 U.S. dollars.

Lana negotiated with Joy's mother and rescued the youngster for 24 U.S. dollars.

Joy, now 15, has been living out of harm's way in one of Lana's safe houses. Her four siblings are also living under Lana's roof. As each child got older and no longer brought in enough money from begging, Joy's mother would sell them to the highest bidder. With no more children to beg, the mother went into drug trafficking. She was eventually arrested and imprisoned. Read more