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MFS17 Top10

RSWM Students Finish Studies in the Darien Jungle

RBTC 1Rhema USA School of World Missions students finish their studies each year with a one-month internship somewhere in the world. Typically, each student goes to a different country to help share the Good News. This year the Lord led the school's program director, Joe Duininck, to send all 22 students to Panama's Darien Jungle to minister God's power and love to those living in darkness.

Rhema graduates Dennis and Jeanne Cook have established and built a ministry in the Darien to share God's life and light with the Chocó Indians. Working with the Cooks, the Rhema students experienced missions work first-hand.

During the day, the students helped with construction work at the Cooks' compound. In the evening, they ministered in churches and saw the Lord perform many miracles.

At one church, several missions students were warned that three teenage boys there were known as thieves. The students were told to keep an eye on their personal belongings. Filled with compassion, several students decided to go talk with the rebellious boys and tell them about Jesus.

RBTC Graduates Making a Difference Around the World

01 RhemaGradsFervent Prayers Are Reaping Results

In the 1980s Kenneth E. Hagin held prayer meetings on the Rhema Bible Training College campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. During those gatherings, Brother Hagin, Rhema students, and others from the Tulsa area prayed fervently for the Lord to send laborers into the world's unreached nations and for open doors for the Gospel.

Those prayers are still being answered today. More than 30 years later, Rhema Bible Training College has 200 campuses in 46 nations. The Gospel is reaching the unreached. RBTC graduates have taken what they've learned about God's love, their authority, and who they are in Christ and are imparting it to others. All over the world, students at these campuses are studying to change their nation with the light of the Gospel.