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Creating Great Christmas Memories as a Rhema Family

Article RBTC CMASRBTC Annual Christmas Banquet

Each year Pastor Kenneth and Lynette Hagin enjoy celebrating with the RBTC Student Body, Staff and Instructors at the Annual Christmas Banquet. It is a cherished time to laugh, share the joy of the season and to bond as the Rhema Family in the Body of Christ.

On Tuesday, December 6th everyone enjoyed delicious food, Christmas carols and special memories together at the Ninowski Recreational Center (NRC) amidst the Rhema Christmas Lights display covering Rhema Campus.

David Crammer, an RBTC Alumnus and former member of the traveling Crusade Team, brought humorous memories and poignant spiritual lessons that he learned as a student during his message as the guest speaker. David currently pastors at Covenant Life Christian Center in Chandler, Arizona along with his wife Jill Crammer.

Following the Christmas meal he shared a particular experience with the students that he had pondered in his heart over the years"

"Go get ice cream."

It started when he had heard a simple direction in his heart to "Go get ice cream." while studying for finals with a fellow student. As he recounted following this leading from God, David's message brought inspiration, laughter, and tears of joy to his listeners. All were reminded to nurture their relationship with the Holy Spirirt throught the Word of God.

It is truly impossible to match the depth of preparation that the RBTC students experience during their years of training on RBTC Campus. Students walk through real faith lessons while deepening their Bible knowledge and relationship with the Holy Spirit.


To all of our Rhema Partners, Family and friends: Wishing you a blessed and joyous Christmas Season and a healthy and happy New Year! From the Hagin Family, Rhema Bible Training College Instructors and Staff.

The Layers of RBTC Training Program

10 RBTC House 4To ensure the needs of Rhema Bible Training College's diverse student body are met, Dean Tad Gregurich and Rhema leadership, made simple revisions to the RBTC curriculum. The changes were based on feedback they received from Rhema grads.

Students receive an even stronger foundation in the Word and in the truths Rhema has always held dear. The two-year Ministerial training program also positions students who want to further their studies by taking a third or fourth year of specialized training.

Building a House of Faith

Dean Tad compared RBTC's curriculum to building a house. The stronger the foundation, the better a house can weather a storm. "As a homebuilder or an owner," says Dean Tad, "if you ever see the foundation of the house after it's been built, something has gone wrong." This is why it's so important to take the time to build the foundation correctly.

Students get the solid spiritual foundation they need to be successful in life, ministry, and on the job. 

Two Year Ministerial Training Program

These foundational courses include the essentials of Bible knowledge and right living that every believer needs to know. The courses include both spiritual and practical applications.

Using the analogy of building a home, the first year of training can be compared to a footer. It's the first part of the home that is built, and it needs to be done right because everything rests on it.