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Bible School Instructors What Sort of Ministerial Experience Do the Rhema Instructors Have?

Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin: We have a good blend of instructors with various types and levels of experience in the ministry. But every one of the teaching staff stands in a ministerial office as defined in Ephesians 4:11, with the anointing to fulfill the responsibilities of that particular office.

Rev. Lynette Hagin: Each of our instructors was a success in his own individual ministry that was a prerequisite to his selection as a Rhema instructor. Our instructors are here because God called them to teach others what they were so successful in doing.

Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin: I think it is of utmost importance that those training for the ministry are taught by instructors with proven, successful ministerial experience—not by individuals who have only studied books but have never made that knowledge work in actual experience.