In 1950, the Lord spoke to Kenneth E. Hagin and told him, "Go teach My people faith. I have taught you faith through My Word, and I have permitted you to go through certain experiences. You have learned faith both through My Word and by experience. Now go teach my people what I have taught you."

KEH OH picAs Brother Hagin traveled in ministry, many times he would cry out to God on his bed at night, "How can I get this message out to Your people?" It began to dawn on him that he would have to train men and women who were just as passionate about God's Word as he was to take this message of faith around the world.

Rhema Bible Training College Begins

In 1972, Brother Hagin's son, Kenneth W. Hagin, and his wife, Lynette, left their roles at the church in Garland, Texas, pastored by her father and came to work at Kenneth Hagin Ministries. Kenneth W. had been associate pastor of the church and was in line to become the next pastor.

Kenneth took a pay cut to go to work for his father and had no preaching responsibilities in his new job. He and Lynette wondered why they had done this. But God had led them both. When his father said by the Spirit at Campmeeting 1973 that they would start a Bible School, Kenneth and Lynette knew that was why they had come. At his father's direction, Kenneth put together the curriculum for the new school.

KWH LH picAt Campmeeting 1974, Kenneth E. Hagin announced that the school would open in the fall. But the ministry did not have enough money to start the program. Brother Hagin told the Lord, "This is Your school, not mine. You finance it, because I can't. Now, I'm not going to worry a bit about it. You take care of it." Thousands of dollars in offerings came in that year at Campmeeting, providing the funds to begin the school.

In the fall of 1974, 73 students enrolled. Of those, 58 graduated in May 1975. Since then over 26,000 have graduated from RBTC USA, and nearly 60,000 have graduated worldwide. And the number keeps growing! Today RBTC has campuses all over the world.

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The Impact

As Kenneth W. Hagin says, "The sun never sets on a Rhema graduate preaching the Word of God." Rhema graduates live and minister on every continent. They run or teach in Bible schools and pastor thousands of churches throughout the earth. Many others are serving in their local churches in helps or supportive ministry.

It has been prophesied that Rhema will play a major role in the last-days revival that will usher in the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rhema is far from alone in this work, but we will do our part. We have two main thrusts:

• Making room for the moving of God's Spirit

• Teaching the message of faith

Those who come to RBTC join the company of believers whom God works through to "teach My people faith" and demonstrate the move of the Holy Spirit. Will you be one?

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

At Rhema's graduation in May 1979, Kenneth E. Hagin spoke the following prophecy over the graduates:

What is that sound?
What is that sound that I hear?
It's the sound of many feet.
It's the sound of beautiful feet.
It's the sound of feet going forth with the Good News.

Who are these that make this sound
  of tramp, tramp, tramp as they come—
  as they go tramping along?
Who are these?

Yea, they are those chosen of the Lord, called of God, equipped by His Spirit.
Yea, they are those who have been loosed from the bondage of the enemy
   and sent forth to set men free.
They're those with the story of redemption,
The story of freedom,
The story of the glory of God.

Who are these that go forth ever enlarging in number
   and increasing in number?
Who are these?

Yea, they are those who do know their God.
They are those who do know His Word.
They are those who know the mighty Name—
The Name that's above every name,
The Name of Jesus.

They're those that know how to take that Name
And break the power of darkness over the lives,
The minds,
The bodies,
The spirits of men and set them free.

Yea, they are those with the message of deliverance,
   the message of healing,
   the message of victory,
   the message of God.

Who are these?
From whence have they come?
Where are they going?
Yea, they come from the very bosom of the Father,
From the right hand of God.
For their Master, even the Lord Himself as He ascended on high,
   gave gifts unto men.
And He gave some, apostles;
and some, prophets;
and some, evangelists;
and some, pastors, and teachers.

They come from the very throne of God—
From the right hand of authority.

Where are they going?
They're going unto the uttermost parts of the earth.
They're going where an empty hand is reaching out for help.
They're going where a hungry cry—hungry for the bread of this life,
   and hungry for the true Bread of Life—
He's crying out for help.
They're going around the world to tell the story,
To proclaim the message,
To do the work that God called them to do.