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Why Rhema School of Biblical Studies?

In a world full of uncertainty, it's never been more important to know and understand the Bible and the truths it contains. God's Word is living and powerful! It holds the answer for any problem you'll ever face. Rhema's School of Biblical Studies will clarify for you what this life-transforming Book is all about. Whether you're a new believer or have been saved for years, every class will have you digging in and studying the books of the Bible as you never have before.

The Benefits

  • Substantially enrich your life through an in-depth study of each Bible book.
  • Discover the history, context, and culture behind key passages.
  • Gain fresh perspective on basic Bible truths.
  • Learn to apply the Word in a practical, usable way.
  • Grow your Bible knowledge . . . and your faith.
  • Understand more about God's character and His great love for you.
This program is also available fourth year.

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Check out what students are saying about the Rhema School of Biblical Studies.

"The knowledge I've gained from Rhema School of Biblical Studies is immeasurable, and it has given me more confidence in doing God's work."

—Ron C.

"Getting this richer and deeper foundation has made me feel better prepared to go out and teach the Word to others."

—Amy N.

"RSBS has changed my way of thinking. I believe now that I can do anything as long as God is in it."

—Birtie S.

"Three words to describe Rhema School of Biblical Studies? Stretching. Pruning. Humbling."

—Gabriel M.