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Why Rhema School of Helps Ministry?

If you have a heart to help your local church, Rhema's School of Helps Ministry is the place to be! This program gives you an overview of the different areas of the church, and it equips you to help wherever there's a need. You'll become someone your church knows they can count on in any situation! Plus, you'll learn how to keep your focus on God and remain flexible and joyful, no matter what you're called upon to do.

The Benefits

  • Prepare your heart to serve your local church and pastor.
  • Study the scriptural foundation for serving in the church.
  • Learn the basics of children's, youth, and missions ministry.
  • Gain practical media and worship skills.
  • Connect with people skilled in each area of church ministry.
  • Get hands-on experience and valuable resources through various ministry and volunteer opportunities.
This program is also available fourth year.

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 What students are saying

"You get a little bit of everything in this program. It gave me a lot of insight into what it would be like to start a church, run it, and basically do all areas of ministry. It's been a very stretching experience, but I feel like I've grown as an individual and also in knowledge and understanding."

-Thomas Y.


"The overall theme of the helps ministry program is definitely having a servant's heart. It takes you out of your comfort zone. You learn to be flexible. And it prepares your heart so that you want to help wherever you're needed."

-Christi F.


"What I was able to take away from this program was very practical, hands-on training and information. I learned from other supportive ministers that even though we are 'helps,' we are just as important and needed. Helps is a real ministry, and it is essential to the success and furthering of the Kingdom of God."

-Elisabeth R.


"This program has helped me to stay focused on God, the Word, and letting the Holy Spirit lead me in all that I will do as a support to the Body of Christ."

-Kathy Y.