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Why Rhema School of Student Ministries?

One of the greatest evangelistic windows open today is among young children and youth. Utilizing relevant classroom instruction and hands-on application, Rhema's School of Student Ministries will equip you to minister effectively to this young generation, newborn through 12th grade. From writing curriculum and sermons to handling kids and teens in crisis, this program covers everything you need to know to succeed.

The Benefits

  • Grow spiritually and find your place as a leader.
  • Take part in hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the needs of children and youth.
  • Obtain fresh ideas and vision that will help you build a successful student ministries program.
  • Discover how to motivate your student ministries team and keep your volunteers.
  • Learn to flow with the Holy Spirit in children's and youth services.

This program is also available fourth year.

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What students are saying

"This program covered everything from how to manage my time and stay motivated to planning events, counseling young people, and recognizing unhealthy behaviors. It was so well-rounded and practical. I felt like I had several years of wisdom and experience under my belt after graduating."

—Lisa M.


"I really learned how important my calling was to instill the Word into [young people]."

-Jason S.


"I've been on staff at churches that either had [small] youth programs or [none at all] and needed one started. Had it not been for the vision of the Hagins and the quality of the staff at Rhema, I would have been ill prepared to face these challenges. Thank you to all who had a hand in my ministerial education. Going to Rhema has been, and will continue to be, one of the best decisions I have ever made."

—Jim C.


"The Student Ministries program at RBTC gave me not only the education, but also the tools to implement and effectively run a thriving student ministry. So many colleges today provide one but not the other. RBTC taught me what I needed to know to minister to teenagers in today's world. In addition, it created lifelong relationships with other student ministers who I still keep in contact with today."

-Dean O.


"This program completely opened my eyes to the importance of ministering effectively to young people. I received so much vital and useful information that I know I'll be successful no matter where I end up in ministry."

-Kimberly H.