Additional Information

What are the financial requirements for an international student wishing to attend Rhema?

If you are not married, proof from your financial institution or bank must state that you have the equivalent of $16,000 U.S. dollars on deposit. If you have children, this amount will increase $2,000 U.S. dollars for each child living with you.

For a husband and wife, proof from your financial institution or bank must state that you have the equivalent of $20,000 U.S. dollars on deposit. If you have children, this amount will increase $2,000 U.S. dollars for each child living with you.

NOTE: The amount stated for husband and wife includes tuition charges for only the husband. If both husband and wife plan to submit applications to Rhema Bible Training College, you must add the equivalent of $2,850 to the required amount.

Do you offer financial aid to students?

Rhema Bible Training College does not offer any scholarships or financial aid to applicants or students. We cannot aid you in locating a sponsor. If you have a sponsor, a trust fund must be established for your schooling at a financial institution. The sponsor must provide financial document(s), which clearly state your name and the amount on deposit. 

ALL FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS MUST BE WRITTEN ON BANK LETTERHEAD, AND SIGNED BY AN OFFICIAL OF THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION WHERE THE FUNDS ARE ON DEPOSIT. The document must indicate the applicant’s full legal name, the amount on deposit, and the equivalent of the total amount in U.S. dollars. If any applications are received without this financial information, they will not be processed.

All financial documents must be received in our office to process your application. Any applications received without a proper financial document will not be processed. Allow enough time for mailing as correspondence sometimes takes several weeks to reach our office.

Once your application, financial document, and all three-reference forms are received, they will be presented to the Admittance Committee for consideration. You will receive notification of their decision by mail, phone, or e-mail. All necessary paperwork will come via mail or express mail service.


Do not make any plans to move to the United States or make travel reservations UNTIL you have received a response to your application and have received a visa from the American Consulate. If you are accepted as a student to Rhema Bible Training College, the following items will accompany your acceptance letter: an I-20 form, your original financial document(s), and an instruction sheet for the I-20 form and how to obtain a visa.

In order to obtain a student visa, the U. S. Embassy may require you to provide proof of your intent to return to your country following the completion of your schooling. Examples of what will provide this information are: Funds in an account that require your presence in order to be withdrawn, proof of ownership of property in your country, and/or close family members in your country.

Students on an F-1 visa are only allowed limited employment while attending Rhema Bible Training College, but the employment has to be with Rhema Bible Training College, and cannot exceed 20 hours per week. However, being enrolled at RBTC as a student does not guarantee that you will be employed by RBTC.

We expect your cooperation in following the immigration procedures of the United States government. Rhema Bible Training College will not accept as a student any person who is in violation of the laws of our government.

We will NOT, under any circumstance or for any reason, accept a husband or a wife as a student at Rhema Bible Training College UNLESS BOTH the husband and wife are living together in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, while the student is attending school. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.

We feel that in order for a person to assume a leadership role in the Christian ministry, the highest standards of personal conduct are expected. This includes the abstinence from the use of tobacco, alcohol (including wine), or illegal drugs while attending Rhema. Therefore, we will not accept an individual who CANNOT abide by this policy.

The area schools for your children, both public and private, instruct in the English language only. Your children MUST be proficient in both speaking and writing the English language so they can attend school in the United States.

Following are the answers to our most frequently asked questions from prospective international students.

1. The amounts listed in the International Information Letter not only cover tuition and books ($2,850), but also living expenses ($16,000) for nine months. The amount for living expenses is estimated for housing and food only, and does NOT include travel expenses, purchasing furniture (apartments are not furnished), or purchase of an automobile (RBTC is NOT within walking distance of most apartment complexes), etc. This amount is for ONE school year. As RBTC does NOT offer scholarships or sponsorships, we strictly abide by the amounts stated in the enclosed letter. You may leave your funds in the banking facility in your home country as long as you are able to access your funds, as needed, while in the U.S.

2. RBTC is a two-year, three-year, and four-year ministry-training program commencing in September and concluding in May of each year. There are no semester breaks, and a student may not enter RBTC after the September registration date for the current school year.

3. RBTC does not accept transfer of credits from other Bible schools. 

4. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT ANOTHER FINANCIAL DOCUMENT UPON APPLYING FOR THEIR SECOND YEAR OF TRAINING. Upon completion of the second year, the student will receive a Diploma of Ministerial Training. Although RBTC does not offer degree or graduate courses, several U.S. colleges and universities accept RBTC credits. 

5. RBTC does not have dormitories. Greg Smith Student Housing is an apartment complex with only 95 unfurnished units for rent. As only a few apartments become available each year, we cannot guarantee accommodations on campus nor do we provide daycare facilities for your children. You will therefore be responsible for obtaining housing and childcare when you arrive in the Tulsa area. We suggest you plan to spend one or two nights in a hotel until you can secure housing.

6. There is a public transit system in the Broken Arrow area, however, its schedule does not correspond with RBTC class hours. Taxicabs are available until you can purchase an automobile. A good used automobile can be purchased from approximately $2,500–$5,000 U.S.

7. Health insurance is quite expensive in the U.S. We strongly suggest you procure health insurance in your home country, and check to be sure that you are covered while attending school in the U.S.

8. RBTC requires that your provide us with a T.O.E.F.L. English language test score. There will be many tests, reading assignments, term papers, and speaking assignments required within a limited amount of time. Additionally, all area schools, both public and private, instruct in the English language only. You and your children MUST be proficient in both speaking and writing the English language to attend school in the United States, as we are unable to offer you any assistance in this area.

We thank you for your interest in Rhema Bible Training College. We trust that the above information will assist you in making your decisions and preparations. If any further information is needed, refer all questions to Rhema Admissions: PHONE: (918) 258-1588, ext. 2275, or FAX: (918) 251-0685. All written correspondence needs to be sent to the attention of the International Student Advisor.