Take a Vacation with God!

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Campmeeting—July 23-28, 2017

Rhema Campus Event

Need to take a break? Campmeeting is the best place to be refreshed and receive divine direction for your life!

Every July, Rhema Bible Church hosts this glorious 6 day event, filled with powerful praise and worship, dynamic speakers, and life-changing impartations.

During the week, Graduates are welcome to join the Alumni Fellowship Celebration after the Tuesday evening service, where they can catch up with friends and enjoy some snacks. There is also an RBTC informational meeting with Dean Tad Gregurich after the Tuesday morning service.

It's also a perfect place for students to get involved! From children's workers to the traffic team, volunteers come out and make Campmeeting happen! It's a great way to minister God's love to people and put what you've learned into practice.


The Afters, Abandon, and Dante Schmitz Featured in Free Concert at RBTC Campus

Article RBTC Rockets

Rockets Over Rhema—July 2, 2017

Reaching People of the Tulsa/Broken Arrow Community with the Love of God

Even though school is out for the summer, the Rhema campus is still bustling with activities! RBTC students have the unique opportunity to volunteer with one of our largest on-campus events—Rockets Over Rhema.

This grand event reaches thousands of people of the surrounding community, who come together to celebrate our country's Independence Day. Students can help with inflatable games, face painting, temporary tattoos, and more!

 "It's so cool to be able to serve people outside of our church, whether I'm painting their face or waiting for a glitter tattoo to dry. You can show kindness to people just by listening to them or creating a fun design." —O.C., RBTC 2011 Graduate


Destination: Lebanon

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Advancing the Kingdom, Proclaiming the Word

Every school year, RBTC’s School of World Mission’s students have the unique opportunity to travel to another country for 4-6 weeks on an internship. The intern’s main focus is to serve within the vision of the host missionary.

This year, Matt Hattabaugh, a ’92 RBTC graduate, hosted students Ilya Galenko and Samuel Saleb in Beirut, Lebanon. For Ilya, this trip brought new friendships and a greater respect for the culture. “The Christian people are so pure and on fire for God! Others were very receptive to the Gospel.”

Christianity is actually a big part of the culture in Lebanon. The political system is set up so no one religion can take power. However, there is a lot of religious tradition that takes place. This can change with discipleship. Ilya shares, “We wanted to help connect people at the different churches. Helping them to grow and encouraging them in their own work was a big part of the trip.” Ilya and Samuel were able to teach people of all ages at various churches.

There’s also a strategic opportunity with all the Syrian refugees being there. “You can’t preach the gospel in Syria, but you can in Lebanon! You can preach to the refugees here, and they can take it back to their people.” Ilya shares that Muslims were open to hearing about the Gospel; many had never even heard about Jesus! The harvest field is definitely ripe in this country.

Ilya recalls, “I really didn’t think I was going to do Rhema’s School of World Missions; I didn’t feel called to be a missionary. But this experience has been amazing. You don’t have to be called to be a missionary or pastor to go on a mission’s trip. Even if you’re a business person or layperson, going into another country is a huge experience. It shows you the rest of the world, besides America. It doesn’t just look different, the people are different. The culture is different. The food is different. Even sleeping is different!”

If world missions is on your heart, what better place to prepare at then RBTC? We take the Great Commission to heart and help you pursue the call of God on your life. Just like Ilya and Samuel, you can make a difference in the world!

I want to know more.


“We’re in this thing together!” –Denise Hagin Burns

Rhema Word PartnersHow the Word Partner Club is Making an Impact 

• Keeping the base strong.

• Providing 70% of RBTC student's tuition.

• Spreading the Gospel around the world.

These are just a few of the things that Word Partners do.

As they gathered for a Meet and Greet during Winter Bible Seminar, Partners were encouraged by the Hagin family to continue sowing in prayer and finances. "There's no way we could accomplish what we do without you," Pastor Hagin shared.

A few current students and Alumni shared what Rhema meant to them. Nakia Maplethorpe, a 2nd year student, was healed from asthma when she was in a meeting with a Rhema grad. She is so grateful for Rhema's impact on her life. "You're not just sowing money; you're sowing into peoples' souls," she emphasized.

Partners were uplifted as they enjoyed testimonies, fellowship, and refreshments, knowing that they have a vital role in fulfilling God's end time plan. We are so thankful for our Word Partner Club members!

Learn more or join the Word Partner Club.


Bible Students Emboldened by the Gospel During Special Week

RBTC Winter Bible SeminarWinter Bible Seminar Stirs Up Hearts of Faith

February is an extra exciting month on the RHEMA campus. Everyone is preparing for Winter Bible Seminar! On February 19th through the 24th, students, Alumni, and many from out of state and country will gather together to be refreshed by the Word and the Spirit.

What makes this seminar so close to our hearts? Besides being able to hear preaching and teaching from Kenneth and Lynette Hagin, we also get to receive from teachers who are currently in the ministry field. RBTC's very own instructors get to share from their hearts in all the morning sessions. Students and Alumni alike are emboldened to share the Gospel and thrive in their relationship with God.

All the sessions are free, so why not bring some friends to Winter Bible Seminar? From children to teenagers to adults, everyone is welcome to come. You will leave renewed and ready to take on the new year!

For more information about Winter Bible Seminar.

For free registration click here.


Creating Great Christmas Memories as a Rhema Family

Article RBTC CMASRBTC Annual Christmas Banquet

Each year Pastor Kenneth and Lynette Hagin enjoy celebrating with the RBTC Student Body, Staff and Instructors at the Annual Christmas Banquet. It is a cherished time to laugh, share the joy of the season and to bond as the Rhema Family in the Body of Christ.

On Tuesday, December 6th everyone enjoyed delicious food, Christmas carols and special memories together at the Ninowski Recreational Center (NRC) amidst the Rhema Christmas Lights display covering Rhema Campus.

David Crammer, an RBTC Alumnus and former member of the traveling Crusade Team, brought humorous memories and poignant spiritual lessons that he learned as a student during his message as the guest speaker. David currently pastors at Covenant Life Christian Center in Chandler, Arizona along with his wife Jill Crammer.

Following the Christmas meal he shared a particular experience with the students that he had pondered in his heart over the years"

"Go get ice cream."

It started when he had heard a simple direction in his heart to "Go get ice cream." while studying for finals with a fellow student. As he recounted following this leading from God, David's message brought inspiration, laughter, and tears of joy to his listeners. All were reminded to nurture their relationship with the Holy Spirirt throught the Word of God.

It is truly impossible to match the depth of preparation that the RBTC students experience during their years of training on RBTC Campus. Students walk through real faith lessons while deepening their Bible knowledge and relationship with the Holy Spirit.


To all of our Rhema Partners, Family and friends: Wishing you a blessed and joyous Christmas Season and a healthy and happy New Year! From the Hagin Family, Rhema Bible Training College Instructors and Staff.


The Layers of RBTC Training Program

10 RBTC House 4To ensure the needs of Rhema Bible Training College's diverse student body are met, Dean Tad Gregurich and Rhema leadership, made simple revisions to the RBTC curriculum. The changes were based on feedback they received from Rhema grads.

Students receive an even stronger foundation in the Word and in the truths Rhema has always held dear. The two-year Ministerial training program also positions students who want to further their studies by taking a third or fourth year of specialized training.

Building a House of Faith

Dean Tad compared RBTC's curriculum to building a house. The stronger the foundation, the better a house can weather a storm. "As a homebuilder or an owner," says Dean Tad, "if you ever see the foundation of the house after it's been built, something has gone wrong." This is why it's so important to take the time to build the foundation correctly.

Students get the solid spiritual foundation they need to be successful in life, ministry, and on the job. 

Two Year Ministerial Training Program

These foundational courses include the essentials of Bible knowledge and right living that every believer needs to know. The courses include both spiritual and practical applications.

Using the analogy of building a home, the first year of training can be compared to a footer. It's the first part of the home that is built, and it needs to be done right because everything rests on it.


The Rhema DNA is: “What does the Bible Say?”

RBTC Pastor ArticleFriday morning, September 19th Students completed Orientation Sessions and Student Revival meetings on Rhema Bible Training College Campus. Head of the Bible School, Kenneth W. Hagin, spoke from the heart to inspire the student body just as his father had inspired him when he began his ministry training.

Declaring that these students are the catalyst for the revival that is to come, he said, "Make every experience a learning experience. Even if you learn what not to do." To succeed the students should determine why they are here at school and set goals for themselves and run with that.

"Rhema is more than a classroom. Rhema is an experience. Faith is caught as much as taught and you get it by being here." Kenneth said.

Students will learn faith when things try to turn them aside from their path. As an RBTC student they will learn about their faith and having faith in God in both the natural and the supernatural realms.


RBTC Student Revival Kickoff!

Article RBTC 2016"Welcome to the Rhema family!" said Lynette Hagin, Director of RBTC, as she greeted the student body Friday morning on September 9th. Her message to the students launched an upcoming week of Student Revival Services and Orientation Sessions. These services begin each school year and set the tone for the upcoming training and unique pathway that God has for them while in school.

Lynette shared precious advice she received early on in her ministry from Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, her father-in-law and Founder of RBTC. At that time he said, "Take advantage of every learning experience. You may not think much of it at the time, but there is a possibility you may need it. So just absorb it . . . You may need it in the future."


Bible Students Take Next Steps of God's Plan

Article RBTC Pic7On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! (Phil. 3:14)

There's nothing like the start of a new school year at Rhema Bible Training College.

September 6 new and returning students will fill the beautiful 110-acre campus. Answering the call to dig deeper into God's Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, they travel to Broken Arrow from around the world.

Beginning with registration they will immerse themselves in Orientation and Student Revival followed by the first day of class on September 19.

Known to be a life changing experience, their training will take them into a profound understanding of the Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit, prayer, and faith. They are set to learn the flow of the Holy Spirit, and master following the voice of the Lord. As it is said the spirit of faith is not only taught but "caught" here on campus.

By learning how to effectively take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, they will open prison doors and set many captives free. This is what Rhema is all about: Helping individuals discover and train for their purpose in God's plan and go forth successfully.

Click here for the RBTC Calendar. 

Learn more about being an RBTC Student at www.rbtc.org/trendsetters



Catch Up with RBTC at the 2016 Southwest Believers’ Convention

BTC Booth

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2016 Southwest Believers' Convention of Kenneth Copeland Ministries at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas. Starting Monday, July 4th through Saturday, July 9th RBTC representatives will be at the convention to answer your questions, share testimonies, and give you free information.

"It is an exciting opportunity to participate with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and meet other faith-based believers and offer them information about our faith-based training at Rhema Bible Training College," said Christy Wicks, RBTC Recruiter.

For over 40 years Rhema Alumni have gone on to establish works for Jesus Christ all around the world. To date there are over 220 RBTC campuses in over 50 countries and there are 1,500 pastoring churches in the United States.

Additionally representatives of RBTC frequently travel with Pastor and Lynette Hagin for the Living Faith Crusades to share firsthand about our training. You may find them in your area soon: Living Faith Crusade Schedule.

• Learn more about 2016 Southwest Believers' Convention
• Learn more about Rhema Bible Training College