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Faith Lessons from Abraham

RBTC Instructor, Marvin Yoder’s message during Winter Bible Seminar 2018

Get a glimpse into the classroom content and Bible teachings from our outstanding instructors. RBTC Instructors lead the services each morning during Winter Bible Seminar on the Rhema Campus.

Take a closer look as Marvin Yoder teaches on Faith.

“God wants us to receive His promises. That’s why He put them in the Book!” —Marvin Yoder

Abraham’s faith is a pattern for us:

  1. He heard from God
  2. He believed God
  3. He kept going until he received the promise

Faith comes by hearing and hearing—repeatedly hearing the Word of God. Every time God speaks to us, He will reiterate what He spoke to us or give us more detail. God wants you to grow strong in your ability to believe. The more you hear and believe the Word, the more you’ll become fully persuaded!

Watch the full video to hear the rest of this teaching from Marvin Yoder!

You can watch all of the Winter Bible Seminar services here:

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