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Two-Year Ministry Minor Programs of Study

Our two-year ministry minor program, which all RBTC graduates must complete, is specially designed to grow you as a believer and equip you to live successfully. You'll build a solid biblical foundation that will help you thrive in your church, community, career, relationships, and family. This program also positions you to receive third-year specialized training at RBTC.

Study Programs

Two-Year Ministry Minor Programs of Study

2 Year Ministry Fundamentals Course Titles

2 Year Itinerant Ministry Course Titles

2 Year Missions Course Titles

2 Year Pastors Program Course Titles


Three-Year Ministry Major Programs of Study

After successfully completing a Two-Year Ministry Minor Program of Study a student may choose one of these Three-Year Ministry Major Programs of Study. 

3 Year Rhema School of Biblical Studies - (RSBS) Course Titles

3 Year Rhema School of Helps Ministry - (RSHM) Course Titles

3 Year Rhema School of Itinerant Ministry - (RSIM) Course Titles

3 Year Rhema School of Pastoral Ministry - (RSPM) Course Titles

3 Year Rhema School of Student Ministries - (RSSM) Course Titles

3 Year Rhema School of Worship - (RSW) Course Titles

3 Year Rhema School of World Missions - (RSWM) Course Titles


Four-Year Ministry Major Advanced Program of Study 

For the Four-Year track, students must complete one of the other Three-Year Programs of Study and then take an alternate Fourth-Year Program of Study to get advanced ministry training.

Rhema School of Biblical Studies 

Rhema School of Itinerant Ministry 

Rhema School of Pastoral Ministry 

Rhema School of Student Ministries 

Rhema School of Worship 

Rhema School of World Missions 


What We Recommend

We believe our three-year and four-year of study programs offer you the best training we can provide. You must successfully complete a Two-Year Program of Study to enroll in a third year, and you must successfully complete a third-year before enrolling in a fourth year. Third year then gives you the opportunity to receive specialized, targeted training in the area of your choice. And of course, after completing third year, you may decide to gain advanced training by attending a fourth year.

The Benefits

  • Grow in your relationship with God.
  • Build a solid Bible foundation.
  • Learn how to hear the voice of God and recognize His leadings.
  • Study 24 subjects in each year of study designed to equip you for success in life.
  • Get the tools you'll need to be a leader in your church, community, and/or business.
  • Be a better husband, wife, parent, employee, and/or boss.

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What Students Are Saying About Our Two-Year Program of Study

"Rhema changed my life forever! I'm so grateful for all the . . . teachers who sowed the Word of God and so much knowledge and wisdom into my life! Words cannot describe how Rhema has changed my life for the best. The last two years have been amazing. His plans are so wonderful!"

-Gabriella A.


"RBTC is the perfect foundation for your journey."

-Levi K.


"At Rhema, my wife and I learned that we could trust God to be faithful to His Word. We grew in our ability to be led by His Spirit. We experienced His supernatural provision. And we were introduced to people who made our lives richer."

-Robert M.


"Rhema opened my eyes to the power of confessing God's Word and spending time in the Word daily. I learned how much God loves me and how to truly love others. This was an opportunity to make some amazing friends and attend a school where I could experience the Holy Spirit."

-Yvette L.


"Best time of my life!"

-Cory C.