Spiritual Life

What kind of spiritual lifestyle expectations does Rhema Bible Training College have for its student body?

The establishment of worthy standards of living is necessary for every believer. Thus, Christian character is a vital concern of Rhema Bible Training College. We believe it is the responsibility of all students to live an exemplary life and to assist others in establishing these standards. A campus community that is meaningfully Christian cannot neglect this dimension of life.

Thus, the training college emphasizes the following values:

  • Recognition of the authority of the Word of God, specifically, the biblical teaching about moral standards.
  • Desire to develop personally in terms of Christian virtues and the fruit of the Spirit… love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance . . . (Gal. 5:22–23).
  • Interest in developing habits of Bible study, prayer, and regular church attendance.
  • Concern to serve the Lord and fellow man.

Dress Code

It is the desire of RBTC that all of our students be dressed modestly and in good taste. The dress codes outlined below apply at all times when attending classes and during school hours:

Note: If you are in violation of the dress code, you will be asked to leave the campus, and you will be counted absent for any missed classes. The Dean, any faculty member, or any Admissions Office staff member is authorized to speak to you if you are out of dress code.


Dresses, skirts, collared shirts, blouses, suits, jackets, sweaters, and turtlenecks with dress slacks or jeans (khakis, corduroys, capris of mid-calf length, cropped pants, or gauchos).

Dress/skirt length must be one inch above the knee or longer.

Leggings can be worn if tops are mid-thigh length.

Acceptable shoes include dressy sandals, dressy flip-flops, dress shoes, dressy-casual shoes, boots, and tennis shoes.

Note: Shirts, blouses, and sweaters must cover stomach and midriff area entirely at all times, even when arms are raised.

Tops that are low-cut, revealing, or clingy; spaghetti strap tank tops; graphic T-shirts; and sweatshirts (except for Rhema Eagles sweatshirts).

Sweatpants, miniskirts, skorts, and Bermuda shorts.

Gothic attire or extreme accessories.

Head coverings such as hats, caps, stocking or toboggan caps, bandannas, etc.

Note: Any jeans with holes, tears, or rips are not acceptable.


  • Dress or casual slacks, khakis, corduroys, Dockers-type slacks, or jeans. (Slacks must be worn at the waist. No baggy or saggy pants or jeans are allowed.)
  • Collared shirts, oxfords, polos, or sport shirts with collars may be worn. Ties are optional. Sweaters and turtlenecks, vests, blazers, sport coats, and suits are also acceptable.
  • Tennis shoes, dress shoes, or dressy casual shoes with socks.
  • Beards and mustaches must be kept clean and groomed.
  • Hair must not extend much below the TOP of the shirt collar and must not cover more than half the ear, or touch the eyebrows. Hair MUST be neatly groomed and well-kept.

Note: Shirts may not have advertisements, excessive designs, wording, or logos on them, with the exception of approved Rhema clothing.

  • Sweatpants or shorts.
  • T-shirts of any style, or sweatshirts (except for Rhema Eagles sweatshirts).
  • Flip-flops, sandals, or slides.
  • Gothic attire or extreme accessories.
  • Head coverings such as headbands, hats, caps, stocking or toboggan caps, bandannas, etc.
  • Excessive hair length, or extreme colors or styles.

Note: Any jeans with holes, tears, or rips are not acceptable.