Rev. Kenneth and Lynette Hagin

When his father said by the Holy Spirit, “We’re gonna start a Bible school” at Campmeeting 1973, Kenneth and Lynette knew that was why they had left their roles at the church in Garland, Texas, pastored by her father and came to work at Kenneth Hagin Ministries in Oklahoma a year earlier. At his father’s direction, Kenneth put together the curriculum for the new school.

At Campmeeting 1974, Kenneth E. Hagin announced that the school would open in the fall. But the ministry did not have enough money to start the program. Brother Hagin told the Lord, “This is Your school, not mine. You finance it, because I can’t. Now, I’m not going to worry a bit about it. You take care of it.” Thousands of dollars in offerings came in that year at Campmeeting, providing the funds to begin the school.

That fall 73 students enrolled. Of those, 58 graduated in May 1975. Since then over 29,000 have graduated from RBTC USA, and more than 117,000 have graduated worldwide. And the number keeps growing! Today RBTC has campuses all over the world.

Kenneth W. Hagin’s array of responsibilities also includes international director of Rhema Ministerial Association International. With his wife, Lynette, he hosts Rhema for Today, a weekday radio program broadcast throughout the United States, and Rhema Praise, a weekly television broadcast. They also conduct Living Faith Conferences. Together they are spreading the message of faith and healing around the world.

Rev. Lynette Hagin is an author, teacher, conference speaker and host. She serves as director of Rhema Bible Training College USA and general manager of Kenneth Hagin Ministries. She assists her husband, Kenneth W. Hagin, in pastoring Rhema Bible Church and conducting Living Faith Conferences throughout the United States. She is committed to helping people succeed in life by sharing a life-changing, powerful message: “You can make it!”

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