Student Housing

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Do you have dorms on campus?” We do not have dorms, however we do have 96 housing units at Greg Smith Memorial Student Housing which is located directly across the street from RHEMA. Please note, however, that these one and two bedroom apartments are NOT furnished, and that they also fill up quite quickly.

  • Outside
  • Playground
  • Pool Area
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Bedroom
  • Livingroom
  • Bathroom

Greg Smith Memorial Student Housing
Price Range: $575–$665
Bedrooms: 1–2

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Local Housing

Although there are other options available, the following websites will help you to evaluate and search for housing in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area. If at all possible, we highly recommend that you come to the Tulsa area at some point before making your official transition in order to see first-hand your options for housing, the area in which different apartments are located, and the conditions of those apartments.

Job & Housing Guide

Villas at Aspen Park
0.6 miles from RHEMA
Price Range: $769–1,069
Bedrooms: 1–2 / garage
Pets allowed
Rhema Discount: $20 off per month

Aspen Village Apartments
1.1 miles from Rhema
Price Range: $714–$1,532 Bedrooms: 1–3
Pets allowed

Heights at Battle Creek
1.4 miles from Rhema
Price Range: $720–$915
Bedrooms: 1–3
Pets allowed 

Hickory Grove
1.5 miles from RHEMA
Price Range: $648–$961
Bedrooms: 1–2
Pets allowed

Two of the most common questions after a person knows they want to attend RBTC are:

“Where will I live?”
“Where will I work?”

You may already have these sorted out, but if not, we have good news! You can use this guide to help start your search. There are many other apartment complexes and job opportunities in the Broken Arrow area, this is just a sampling. If you have already been accepted to Rhema you can access current job and roommate posts through Populi (student database). As an accepted student you can also add your name to the off-campus roommate listings in Populi by emailing your post to Admissions at [email protected]

Crown Village at Elm Ridge
1.7 miles from RHEMA
Price Range: $810–$1,370
Bedrooms: 1–2
Pets allowed

The Carlyle Apartments
1.9 miles from RHEMA
Price Range: $670–$1,195
Bedrooms: 1–3
Pets allowed

Creekside Apartment Homes
1.9 miles from RHEMA
Price Range: $879–$1,499
Bedrooms: 1–3
Pets allowed

The Greens on Aspen
2.3 miles from RHEMA
Price Range: $665–$1,660
Bedrooms: 1–2
Pets allowed


Charleston Crossing Apartment Homes
4.1 miles from Rhema
Price Range: $705–$1,145
Bedrooms: 1–2
 Pets allowed
Rhema Discount: Will reimburse application fee after move in

Icon at Broken Arrow
4.5 miles from Rhema
Price Range: $804-$979
Bedrooms: 1–2
Pets allowed



Electric Services

AEP – Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Telephone/Internet/TV Services

Windstream Telecom

Telephone/Internet/TV Services

Cox Communications
(918) 806-6000

Natural Gas Services

ONG — Oklahoma Natural Gas

Water/Sewer/Trash Services

Broken Arrow City Utilities

Water/Sewer/Trash Services

Tulsa City Utilities
311 (in Tulsa)

Work Order Request

Just click the button below to access our online repair request form. It's quick, convenient, and allows us to address your request quickly and efficiently.


If you feel called to the ministry you won’t find a better college to help you prepare to fulfill that call. Our call was to France 🇫🇷. We spent 2 exceptional years studying at Rhema and it gave us what we needed to go & fulfill that call. Thirty-three years later we are so grateful for what Rhema put in us. It has enabled us to stay strong all this time. We are still preaching the Gospel, teaching the Word & healing the sick in Jesus Name in France & the French-speaking world.

—John S. Madan, RBTC USA Graduate, Director of Rhema France