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RBTC Alumni Highlight

“The Revelation God Dropped Into Me Changed My Life!”

One afternoon, leaning back against a tree, Phillip Trent (’84), a farmer from Kentucky, wondered if he was a fool. He had never heard anyone preach on the revelations he was receiving from God. So he wasn’t sure if he was really hearing from the Lord.

“What do I do, Lord?” he asked. He heard, “Go to Rhema.” Once at RBTC, the Lord confirmed everything He taught Phillip on the farm. “When Dad Hagin would speak, it was like God was speaking to me,” recalls Phillip.

Clear Instructions from God

After school, the Lord gave him clear instructions: move back to Kentucky immediately and start a church. The first Sunday the Trent family returned, they started Immanuel Ministry Church. For the first three years, church services were in an old, rundown building without bathrooms or running water.

In 1996, they broke ground on a new building on six acres of land they bought next to the old building. It was a 12-year, $1.6 million building project. Today, the church is debt free!

For 35 years, Phillip, and his wife, Linda, have pastored IMC in LeGrande, Kentucky. Today, the church is a beacon of light to the region.

Since 2000, IMC has operated a food bank that feeds 500 families a month and has distributed 3 million pounds of food. They also have a radio and television ministry. The food bank program, radio, and TV ministries are paid for every year in advance by generous donors.

The Trents are firm believers in seedtime and harvest. They believe the favor and financial blessings their ministry is reaping today is tied to obeying God in every area of their lives, including giving.

Early on, when it seemed as though they had nothing to give, the Trent’s were determined to be generous givers. “We started over 30 years ago giving $25 a month as Rhema Word Partner Club members, which was more than we made preaching,” says Phillip. “We wanted to give into a place with fertile soil that would bring back a harvest because we needed it. You can’t believe God for finances if you’re not involved in His way of giving.”

Over the years, the Trent’s have been able to significantly increase their giving. They also tithe as a church family, sowing liberally into the lives of missionaries. “The revelation God dropped into me at [Rhema] changed my life,” says Phillip. “I’m thankful for the [Word Partners] that underwrote [the tuition]. I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it if it hadn’t been for them. We thank God for Rhema and for allowing us to be part of the outreach through giving as WPC members.”

Changing Lives Together

Thank you, Word Partners! You play a significant role at Rhema. Your prayers and financial gifts make it possible to develop students in their callings. If you’re not a Word Partner, there’s no better time than now to get involved! You can be a vital part in changing lives—today! To become a Word Partner, visit rhema.org/wpc.

Be a part of something life-changing! Become a Word Partner today!
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