The Afters, Abandon, and Dante Schmitz Featured in Free Concert at RBTC Campus

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Even though school is out for the summer, the Rhema campus is still bustling with activities! RBTC students have the unique opportunity to volunteer with one of our largest on-campus events—Rockets Over Rhema.

This grand event reaches thousands of people of the surrounding community, who come together to celebrate our country’s Independence Day. Students can help with inflatable games, face painting, temporary tattoos, and more!

 “It’s so cool to be able to serve people outside of our church, whether I’m painting their face or waiting for a glitter tattoo to dry. You can show kindness to people just by listening to them or creating a fun design.”
—O.C., RBTC 2011 Graduate

The community can also enjoy an outdoors concert at 6:30 p.m., featuring The AftersAbandon, and Dante Schmitz. Vendors and food trucks are scattered around the campus, and there’s even a fun car show! Then at 10:00 p.m., expect to see one of the best fireworks display in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa area!

Thank you to all Rhema students, alumni, and church members for helping with this wonderful outreach to our community!

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