The Rhema DNA is: “What does the Bible say?”

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What Does the Bible Say

Friday morning, September 19th Students completed Orientation Sessions and Student Revival meetings on Rhema Bible Training College Campus. Head of the Bible School, Kenneth W. Hagin, spoke from the heart to inspire the student body just as his father had inspired him when he began his ministry training.

Declaring that these students are the catalyst for the revival that is to come, he said, “Make every experience a learning experience. Even if you learn what not to do.” To succeed the students should determine why they are here at school and set goals for themselves and run with that.

“Rhema is more than a classroom. Rhema is an experience. Faith is caught as much as taught and you get it by being here.” Kenneth said.

Students will learn faith when things try to turn them aside from their path. As an RBTC student they will learn about their faith and having faith in God in both the natural and the supernatural realms.

He explained, ‘The Rhema DNA is “What does the Bible say?” ‘

Looking to “What does the Bible say?” when faced with a life decision, a current event, or a daily choice during Bible school will keep them on the right track. He reminded the student body that there is grace for everyone but there is right living according to the Word of God also. Managing their school years with this in mind will see them through to triumph.

Students will enjoy a Family Fun and Game night at the Ninowski Recreational Center Friday, September 16 to top off the week. First day of class begins Monday, September 19.

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