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Don’t let the devil take you off guard!

RBTC Instructor, Craig Hagin’s message during Winter Bible Seminar 2018

Get a glimpse into the classroom content and Bible teachings from our outstanding instructors. RBTC Instructors lead the services each morning during Winter Bible Seminar on the Rhema Campus.

Take a closer look as Craig teaches on how to combat attacks from the enemy.

“We combat the devil with the Word of God—it is written.” —Craig Hagin

So many Christians are taken off guard when they are attacked. But Jesus told us this would happen. It is important to know the enemy’s tactics so we don’t quit our race. We need to have a game plan, with the Word of God as our scouting report.

4 Things You Need to Know for Your Game Plan

  1. Don’t be shocked when you’re attacked—it happens to everyone.
  2. Attacks happen on this earth because the devil is here.
  3. When you’re attacked, you have your Bible.
  4. Before you have a pity party, let the Word of God arise in your heart.

Watch the full video to hear the rest of this teaching from Craig Hagin!

You can watch all of the Winter Bible Seminar services here:

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