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Resignation Prevention Plan

RBTC Instructor, Joe Duininck’s message during Winter Bible Seminar  2018

Get a glimpse into the classroom content and Bible teachings from our outstanding instructors. RBTC Instructors lead the services each morning during Winter Bible Seminar on the Rhema Campus.

Take a closer look as Joe Duininck teaches on perseverance.

“God’s Word will motivate us to not resign our assignments before our term has been completed.” —Joe Duininck

The only “term limits” we have are those set up in Heaven. You can persevere through opposition and adversity designed to get you to quit God’s assignments!

Practical steps to develop a “Resignation Prevention Plan”:

  1. See
  2. Say
  3. Surrender

What are you seeing, or giving your attention to? Are you making your mouth your ally?  Are you pulling back from God’s plan or do you have some fight left in you?

Watch the full video to hear the rest of this teaching from Joe Duininck.

You can watch all of the Winter Bible Seminar services here:


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