Training for Reigning

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“Training is important if I’m going to reign in life with God.” -Kenneth W. Hagin

Pastor Hagin shared this powerful message to new and returning students during Orientation week.

Students were encouraged to stay strong and be willing to learn during this “boot-camp” season of their lives.

Powerful Takeaway Statements

  • You will be trained in knowledge of the Word, authority of the believer, growth in faith, leading of the Holy Spirit, and your rights and privileges in Christ. 
  • Rhema may not be easy, but don’t grow tired of discipline. 
  • As long as you walk with God, you are in a training session. 
  • When you quit training, you quit learning. 
  • Junk will be drained and Holy Ghost things will be ingrained. 
  • As kings (Rev 1:6) underneath the King of Kings, He will back us as we follow His plan.

As Students start the year, they are ready to grow and reign!

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