New Upgrades for Rhema School of Worship

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It doesn’t take long for computers and software to become outdated. And such is the case for Rhema School of Worship. Gone are the days where you hand-write or transpose music on paper. Today this is done digitally. To maintain the caliber of music education that is needed in the 21st Century, it is imperative that RSW computers and software … Read More

RBTC Answers Your Questions

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Kenneth W. Hagin, President of Rhema Bible Training College, often says, “The natural and the supernatural coming together make an explosive force for God!” On the supernatural side, students attending RBTC have spiritual truths poured into them daily—that’s why they attend school here. On the natural side, people may have questions about moving to Broken Arrow and attending Rhema. Here … Read More

Activating the Power — Rhema College Weekend Instructor Highlight

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No matter what we’re going through, we have to remember that God’s power is greater than anything we’re experiencing. Whatever we may face—from financial problems to health challenges to adversity of any kind—God’s power is more than enough to change our situation. It’s what causes us to be victorious. God is well able to work on our behalf. But all … Read More

One Step at a Time

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One day as Jackie McCoy was looking through The Word of Faith magazine, a Spring Rhema College Weekend (RCW) ad caught her attention. On impulse, she registered to attend. Although she thought it would be nice to see what Rhema Bible Training College was like, she was more interested in stocking up on books and CDs. Ever since she’d first heard Kenneth E. … Read More